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Message from the Minister

We are the homeland of Ahska as Ahska Trks 1944 We have been in years, since we were in the last 71 years in the world We live in various countries. Shortly will contact our ship history If we are; Ahska - The Northeast of Turkey, Grcistann, Mesketya the region. In the Second World War Stalin, the socialist leader of the Soviet Union, holds Ahska's gun while putting their genes into battle, the mothers and fathers filling the children into trolley wagons that knew animals in 1944 they drove us out of our homeland by breaking the journey, and again We could dn. And the Ahska Trks living in the Fergana valley of Uzbekistan in 1989, indigenous peoples who started a provocation and were confused for weeks. kymna urad. The largest of the Ahska Trks exposed to attacks we had to leave zbekistan and a second srgn burned. This is the second This time, the cargo aircraft broke off the places they lived. blood As a result of the events, approximately 100 thousand Ahska Trk Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan had to go to Russia and Ukraine. Ahska Trkleri Russia Long years in Rostov and especially in Krasnodar regions in the Federation They gave me the fight to pass without a passport, and they are still different. I do not have a right to citizenship and live in a country Rights are always restricted by. And between 2005 and 2006, 12 thousand Ahska Trk 'to 30 different states of the USA akrabalk ba is placed and placed. The reason for this gn Russia krasnodar Living and receiving, not benefiting from citizenship rights and ethnicity, without permission, deprived of public health and education services Ahskal Trks that are subjected to discrimination are about to be present. Nearly 15 thousand Ahska Trk were brought to the USA by the sign of Tequila.

Ahska Trkleri ok alkan and drst and also are people, managers of various countries and public opinion They have always been admirable because of these features. Regardless of which country or region, Yaadklar, with any province or with a rural section Whether they are determined, determined, alkan, with rgtsel performances They contribute to the economic development and development of the country. they are worthy to be present by the society and the state. Where is our society no matter what they do, they don't bring anything but prosperity to where they came from. It is a beautiful example. This is where the Ahska Trk people live all over the world. they demonstrate their proud potential and performance.

We are alive as a Ahska Trk society and Our vision is to take advantage of our country Stability ii Our perspectives in a pragmatic way is to progress and bypass.

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